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The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy / Simon Blackburn (Eng-Eng)

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Описание:Eminent philosopher Simon Blackburn offers the most authoritative and up-to-date concise dictionary of philosophy, packed with helpful information for the novice and with astute observations for the expert. Ranging from Aristotle to Zen, the entries cover the entire span of philosophy, from the Vedas to the most recent technical terminology, with ample coverage of important themes from Chinese, Indian, Islamic, and Jewish philosophy. The dictionary also defines many terms and concepts not normally found in such reference works, including entries for laughter, and the meaning of life, and covers relevant terms from disciplines such as mathematics, physics, biology, artificial intelligence, and linguistics. There are biographies of nearly 500 individuals, with more women appearing than in other philosophical dictionaries.
A survey of philosophy through the eyes of one of its leading practitioners, this is an essential resource for anyone interested in philosophy.
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Источник:The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy / Simon Blackburn / Oxford University Press
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