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Etymological Dictionary of the Altaic Languages / Sergei Starostin, Anna Dybo, Oleg Mudrak (Tut-Eng)

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Описание:This comparative and etymological dictionary of the more than fifty languages traditionally classified as Altaic is arguably the most comprehensive, systematic work as yet on the subject. Subdivided into five branches: Turkic, Mongolian, Tungus-Manchu, Korean and Japanese, it deals with the entire Altaic family. The introduction contains a detailed account of the phonetic correspondences between Altaic languages, as well as their morphological and lexical characteristics. The body of the dictionary presents almost 3000 lexical matches between different subgroups of Altaic, with Proto-Altaic reconstructions and detailed reflexes in ancient and modern languages. Wherever possible comments are given to distinguish between inherited vocabulary and various later interlingual borrowings. With detailed indices for each language. A true reference work of great importance.
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Источник:Etymological Dictionary of the Altaic Languages, 3 Volumes (Handbook of Oriental Studies / Handbuch Der Orientalistik - Part 8: Uralic Central Asian Studies, 8).Sergei Starostin, Anna Dybo, Oleg Mudrak (with assistance of Ilya Gruntov and Vladimir Glumov). Brill Academic Pub (June 2003)
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