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Dictionary of Ecology by Herbert C. Hanson (Eng-Eng)

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Описание:  This practical dictionary is for the use of students, teachers, and investigators in ecology and related fields such as range management, forestry, wildlife, conservation, agronomy, and limnology. It is also designed for use by the general public for the better understanding of widely used ecological terms. The Dictionary includes not only strictly ecological terms but also those that have been adopted from related fields. The aim is not to define words with final fixity but rather to give clear, concise statements indicating present-day usage. The definitions will be useful, not only in facilitating the comprehension of ecological concepts, but also in furthering the refinement of both concepts and definitions.
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Источник:Dictionary of Ecology by Herbert C. Hanson. Philosophical Library, Inc. 1962
◘ https://archive.org/details/ost-biology-dictionaryofecol00hansrich
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