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Hebrew frequency list (Heb-Eng)

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Описание:   These '10,000 most common words' are from a very large compilation of online texts of ~5,000,000 words. The list is mostly from written texts (Hebrew news sites, Hebrew wikipedia, science, sports, international, some literature, etc.) and not oral transcripts, therefore the frequency order is certainly a little different than what it would be for a list derived purely from spoken text. Therefore, this list is especially useful if you like to read Hebrew Wikipedia and online news.
   In addition, you'll notice that all the words are left in their natural state - conjugated and with prefixes and suffixes. Thus, you might see the same word in multiple forms. This is intentional, because this is how Hebrew really looks.
   In the transliteration, as with all the other transliterations on this website, you should emphasize the last syllable in Hebrew unless specified otherwise with an underline.
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NB! Without diacritical marks!
Источник:Hebrew frequency list: 10,000 most commonly used words
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