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Descriptionary by Marc McCutcheon (Eng-Eng)

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1 789 342
Описание:This fourth edition includes some extremely interesting and useful new categories, such as Anthropology and Archaeology, Brain, Chemistry, Dinosaurs, Evolution, Fishing, Gems, Jewelry, Prison Slang, Rocks and Gems, Sleep, Surfing, and Torture and Punishment, to name a few.
It has also greatly broadened its lists of terms related to farming, finance, geology, Internet, meteorology, occult, psychology, and politics, among others. As in the last edition, the end of the book features the vocabulary builder, Words You Should Know, which contains more than 1,050 words and expressions every articulate person should know.
Источник:Descriptionary / Marc McCutcheon. — 4th ed., 2010
Заголовков:20489 / 20489
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