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Oxford Dictionary of the Bible. Ed. by W. R. F. Browning (Eng-Eng)

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Описание:With entries ranging from earthquakes and mice to feminism and the Dead Sea Scrolls, this dictionary is a lively and absorbing reference work for all readers of the Bible. Authoritative, accessible, and up-to-date it provides helpful information about the books of the Bible, customs, religions and worship, history, and theology, important places, and personalities. Providing clear explanations of technical terms, methods of interpretation, and critical analysis, as well as notes on leading biblical scholars and their contributions, it is also concerned with denominational interpretations of the themes and doctrine of the Bible.
Источник:A Dictionary of the Bible. Ed. by W. R. F. Browning
First published 1996 by Oxford University Press.
© Oxford University Press 1996, 2002
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