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Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Art by Ian Chilvers (Eng-Eng)

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Описание:From Purism to Postmodernism, from Guerrilla Girls to David Hockney, this is a highly useful and comprehensive work. Making generous use of anecdote and providing clear explanations, it gives broad coverage of painting, sculpture, and graphic art, encompasses all the major movements and styles of the twentieth-century, and includes entries on art schools, galleries, exhibitions, prizes, terms, techniques, collectors, critics, dealers and patrons. And, although concentrating on the great names, it is not confined to the mainstream of modern art, and features many of the interesting figures at the periphery of modern art. Ian Chilvers is an art historian and freelance editor and writer.
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Источник:A Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Art by Ian Chilvers
© Oxford University Press 2000, 2003
First published 1998
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