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Merriam-Webster's English-Spanish Dictionary (Eng-Spa)

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700 444
Описание:A bilingual, bidirectional guide to Spanish and American English with extensive coverage of Latin-American Spanish. More than 40,000 entries and 100,000 translations Abundant examples of words used in context Coverage of regular and irregular verbs Pronunciations and variant spellings Merriam-Webster is America's foremost publisher of language-related reference works. The company publishes a diverse array of print products. Dictionary making at Merriam-Webster has always been an ongoing process. Even as the 1859 edition was being published, editorial work on a completely new edition was under way.
Источник:Merriam-Webster's English-Spanish Dictionary
Заголовков:20991/ 20989
Наличие иконки:Имеется
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