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World Book® Dictionary, 2 volumes(Eng-Eng)

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30 377 896
Описание:Words likely to be used by students are defined in a simple manner for better comprehension. The Dictionary also presents informative illustrative sentences that help clarify meanings. But this is by no means an abridged reference work. It features more than 225,000 entries, 3000 illustrations, notes on how to use prefixes, suffixes, capitalization and punctuation, pronunciation guides, and more. It's the final word in state-of-the-art dictionaries.
Источник:World Book Dictionary, 2 volumes. The World Book Dictionary was developed by experts to be clear, informative, and easy to understand. The last thing a dictionary needs to be is intimidating. Yet many adult dictionaries are just that. This dictionary, from the editors of The World Book Encyclopedia, combines all the features of a traditional dictionary with the readability of World Book. The result is an ideal student dictionary that can be used for a lifetime.
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