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Mongolian-English Glossary (Mon-Eng)

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Описание:The glossary is intended to be complete for all words cited in the lessons and reading selections. The entries are mostly arranged to show common elements or derivative stems, where this does not unduly violate the alphabetical order. Verbs are entered under the stem form (bol-), but some common derived forms (kemen) have also been entered. The more obvious loan-words are marked with the language of derivation. The plurals of many common words are entered. The vocabularies of Lessons 1—10 contain about 500 words, and the reading selections, another 500. This glossary may also serve to read the selections in K. Gronbech, Mongolske Tekster i Originalskrift, Copenhagen, 1945.
Источник:Kaare Gronbech/John R. Krueger. An Introduction to Classical (Literary) Mongolian Introduction, Grammar, Reader, Glossary. Third corrected edition. Wiesbaden, 1993. S. 61-83.
Заголовков:1689/ 1664
Наличие иконки:Имеется
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